About Us​

InOut Media was founded by journalist David Nissim - 15 years of experience as a TV news reporter (economics reporter in Channel 1 and for “Yedioth Ahronoth” Newspaper). "The idea of ​​enabling the business sector as well as private customers to create their own news content in a format that we are all familiar with struck me on my last days as a TV reporter. It happened when the responses I kept on getting from interviewees were that an article about their innovative technology or their unique service, causes a chain reaction when they share it on the social network”. The chain reaction always caused a sharp growth curve in sales and in recruiting new customers. The thing is that only few companies enjoy the fruits of a news story (not every story about a new product is interesting in terms of the media) and that's exactly what we're here for.​

The videos we produce are designed to serve two main purposes - for internal use (a kind of internal newsletter that covers the company's various professional and social activities) and the second goal – A marketing tool for potential customers.

Another category we specialize in is documentary filming – These videos will explore the lifetime story of individuals – Their  loves, dreams and stories about self-realization that are suitable for covering a person's life's work. The most beautiful gift you can give to a loved one (70, 80, 90)

InOut Media creates videos that capture the eyes of those you are trying to catch their attention.

InOut Media consists of true professionals from Israel`s news industry which are focusing in producing targeted video marketing content.
We know how to create a wide range of targeted videos and news stories. Among the videos we make are: Promotional videos, Product videos, Instructional videos and more. We make sure to characterize each video with viral features in order to maximize its exposure once uploaded to the Internet.
Our most common product is a video news article. This product sounds and feels as though it`s a genuine news report broadcast on the evening edition. It is a very efficient tool in terms of conveying the message by inducing an objective sensation and with the help of network marketing tools that you know, you can reach targeted audiences.​